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July 1st 2013, 22:08 CEST by LPMiller


I believe Planetcrap is trying to achieve sentience.
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#99 by lwf
2014-01-17 03:53:49
And nothing is going down in IRC. Things don't happen anymore.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#100 by gaggle
2014-01-18 22:58:48
It's all on FacebookTwitterSnapchat these days.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#101 by Chunkstyle
2014-01-23 01:49:16
Damn kids.

Game Developers: Don't forget the zombie monkeys.
#102 by Matt Perkins
2014-01-23 17:26:23
Ah the good ol days...

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#103 by Matt Perkins
2014-01-29 19:29:21
So it's been a pretty fantastic year already. I sometimes miss the good old of planetcrap when you could share whatever random thing and be verbally abused for it by some jackass. *sigh*

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#104 by Ergo
2014-01-29 20:06:19
Shut yer pie-hole, you fucking filthy hippy.

#105 by LPMiller
2014-01-29 20:35:09
stupid hippie.

"Testiculos habet et bene pendentes" - "He has testicles, and they dangle nicely."

"LP, your big balls are a religion." - Jibble
#106 by TreeFrog
2014-01-30 00:08:51
Last year sucked balls and this one isn't looking any better so far.

Goddamn hippie.

"One part disembowels me while another slowly eats its way through the gas line. As I bleed out on the floor, it reminds me that I need to buy milk." - Jibble
#107 by Matt Perkins
2014-01-30 20:30:15
It's the old days!

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#108 by Matt Perkins
2014-01-30 21:08:55
I'll update you guys then...

I'm a Director of IT now. I have a small team of awesome people who supports our smallish company and runs all development projects. This is my first job as a manager beyond being a development lead for a bit. Now I have a giant budget, the full trust of the executive board, and run both internal and external teams. I've been in this role for about two years now and we've removed a bad vendor (literally had to threaten them with US Marshals to get our data), brought all of our data in house, brought and managed the development of three full studies, and our data is now vendor independent. That's not even getting into all of the infrastructure stability and functionality we've brought to internal teams.

In short, I'm proud of my team and I. I was given this shot as the Acting Director of IT when the last guy burned out and I've given my company control over a their systems and data in a way they've never had before. Mainly, and sadly enough, because they didn't get good technical advice for many years. They either got companies agreeing to whatever to get their business or outside consultants who didn't really understand the company. Just by fixing that one little thing, giving them good, honest technical advice (including, sometimes, "I don't know so we should reach out to other experts."), I've brought a whole new capacity and stability to the data side of things.

In my personal life things are good too. My wife and I are about celebrate our 20th anniversary and it looks like we're going to get to go on a honeymoon we never got to (details are still coming together, but they are looking good). My job is virtual so I'm always at home other than driving the kids around and some extra curricular activities, so that's been strange but good. I have loved being at home and being involved with the family instead of sitting in a cube. I make my own hours, decide most of my own meetings, and put as much or as little work in as I want. Of course, me being the dedicated guy I am, I find I have a harder not limiting my hours rather than getting enough. I'm the lead in multiple different areas across multiple different teams so if I don't show up, things don't happen. So that's been a hard thing to find balance on. A good problem to have though imo.

And recently my wife also got hired at at the same company. I had her helping in my group when we needed some additional hands for QA and then she was asked to help somewhere else and then eventually they wanted her to take over the PM on a study for the moment. So now she has a full time job also working at home. That was pretty strange at first, especially figuring out all of the shit like us both having full time jobs and who was going to do the cooking and cleaning. It's going much smoother now and the added money has been really good. Liz is really enjoying the work and being able to help and manage a study has really gotten her excited. Overall we both been enjoying it and loving being able to work side by side on some of the projects.

There's a lot more going on since we talked last, but that's some of the big stuff. Life is good. Challenging, expanding, amazing and my family and I are doing pretty well. I think. :)


How goes things with you fine folks? I don't pay enough attention to FB, nor IRC to know where many of you are these days.

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#109 by Gunp01nt
2014-01-30 22:38:41
Good to hear you're doing so well! It's great to see that motivation and competence can still get a guy ahead in the world.

So I guess it's State of Life time?
Well, I can really say that I'm also doing just fine. 8 months ago I broke up with my boyfriend and, well, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Our relationship was basically still at the same place since the beginning and while it was fine for my ex, I was discontent with it. What followed was the usual increasing tension and arguments until I finally decided it had gone to far, and there was not enough future in the relationship for me to invest in it anymore.
All in all it was very ambiguous: while I'm still proud of the fact that I chose for my own best interest, breaking up with someone you love is a cruel thing to do. He didn't understand at all and has been nearly begging me to come back to him. Because of that I've held off all communication with him, but I'm curious as to how he's doing, so I should probably call him sometime.

Over two years ago I bought a house! It's a two-storey apartment outside the center of the city of Utrecht. I live on a nice, quiet street in a house that I fell in love with when I first saw it. The apartment is made up of the top 2 floors of a three-floor house. I used to have a downstairs neighbor but she unfortunately passed away due to cancer last December.
Being a homeowner beats being a tenant any day of the week. The knowledge that you don't have some asshole landlord to answer to is incredibly liberating.

At work I segued from a programming job into um, I don't know, sort of a project manager/product owner/technical guy? We build and exploit this software package that we're having developed offshore in Ukraine and Latvia and about 3 years ago management realized that while you can outsource development very well, all other technical aspects such as operational management, tech support, implementation management and even product design are best kept close to the customers. That's pretty much the role I fill in now: I talk to prospective clients and see if our software matches with their needs. If not, I coordinate development of new features. Then I assist the client with implementation and once they're live I offer tech support, but the developers abroad are 2nd line for that sort of stuff.

So basically I' responsible for all technical aspects except programming. It's fun because it brings me into contact with more people and gives me real responsibility. A downside is that I'm the only one in our office who's concerned with this particular software so it often feels like I have a huge weight on my shoulders.
The position has given me the chance to visit the Ukraine a couple of times. Next week I'm headed to Latvia for the first time.

If I'd had to say something to break the streak of happy stories, it would be that the realization that I turn 32 this March while not having built up any love or family life whatsoever is not sitting so easily with me. I really feel that while I've done great on the job and house front, I'm sorely lacking in the relationship department.

She's probably had sex with like 4 different guys by now and has no idea who he is anymore, his face lost in a memory sea of dicks.
#110 by Squeaky
2014-01-31 18:10:54
Back in 2009 I decided to go back to school and study accounting. I am now five courses and a couple of exams away from taking my oath and obtaining my designation. So that's pretty exciting. I quit my terrible retail job after 11.5 years and got a job doing A/R for a very large company. Going into it, I figured I would just be some cog in their machine in a huge team of receivables. Nope! I was the entire A/R department, handling millions of dollars in incoming payments per day. I started out as a contractor, but must've impressed someone because after not quite one year they hired me as a permanent employee and made me the customer service rep (basically second line phone support). Not my ideal position but it came with a huge raise and the company is now paying my tuition. This job wasn't just phone support, I also handled all new credit applications. Doing background checks, analyzing credit reports and stuff like that. I'd look at the volume they were requesting, cross referenced with their credit worthiness and then recommend a line of credit and payment terms that'd give them the volume they need without exposing us to undue risk. That part if the job was interesting, but got fairly mechanical quickly.

A number of personnel changes in the accounting department had me applying for new internal jobs, and about six months after getting hired full-time I moved into payables. A number if my colleagues seemed quite confused by the move (I gift a number if "who'd you piss off?" questions), but I like where I am a lot more than before. Mostly because now I'm actually making use of the stuff I went to school for. I've been given a number of compliance duties in this position, which is awesome as audit was one of my favourite subjects. I oversee a number of procedures relating to internal controls documentation and account reconciliations. That job certainly isn't making me any friends as no one likes some bean-counter from head office telling them how to do their job.

Last December I was asked to tag along in a field audit at a number of our warehouses. I show up on the day of the audit at the site and the auditor is currently in the ER for unknown reasons so guess who gets to
#111 by Squeaky
2014-01-31 18:15:04
Bah! My finger slipped. Curse you lack of edit.

...guess who gets to audit a whole bunch of warehouses? Woo! That was a neat experience, because sitting in an office all day I didn't really know how the company actually functioned in the field.

And that's about where I am now.
#112 by gaggle
2014-02-01 12:14:56
Awesome! Great assertive stories.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#113 by Matt Perkins
2014-02-03 17:16:06
Good updates!

Gunpoint, it sounds like breaking up with your SO after so long is a big thing. I'm glad you're feeling good about it and things are looking up. Stagnation is brutal for sure. If it helps reinforce your decision at all (not that it sounds like you really need it), the fact that my wife and I have both changed so much personally and given each other space to grow and change in life is what has made our relationship so long lasting imo. Oh and the having no landlord thing is a sweet thing, I agree completely.

Squeaky, I'm glad your job is exciting you because it would drive me insane. :) To each their own and all of that and I'm happy for you that this job is working so well! Good luck with your compliance monitoring! :P

Damn, this catching up as made me want to start up a forum just so planetcrap never dies. I'll call it planetcrap7 and we'll live happily ever after (note: since actual work is required and then buy in from you schmoes, assume not much will be done here).

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#114 by Squeaky
2014-02-03 23:02:36
Oh, my job is far from exciting. But it pays the bills and it's a stepping stone to joining the 1%, so there that. A WoW guild mate commented the only reason I'm studying accounting is to be able to afford my warhammer addiction.
#115 by Squeaky
2014-02-06 07:32:15
I like how there's a topic tats been in the bin since 2012.
#116 by Squeaky
2014-02-06 07:32:59

I swear, iOS autocorrect is getting dumber every update.
#117 by anaqer
2014-02-06 21:30:43
Complaining about autocorrect in the Thinking... thread is way too meta for 2014.

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#118 by Wudi
2014-02-06 21:57:48

Whatever happened to PenguinX...has he found fame and fortune in Pixel Art yet.

Or WingWalker...has she slammed into a runway in a tragic miscalculation by the pilot yet.

Or Matt Davis..has he killed his wife and children yet and living out his days in prison?

And what about those 2 queers who went to taiwan or something to have one of their dicks fashioned into a crude vagina?

Or that "What?" dude who bagged on bago..can't remember his handle.


w0rd up!
#119 by Wudi
2014-02-06 22:01:25
Oh..and that stupid lying whore who thought she was god's gift to UI design.


w0rd up!
#120 by anaqer
2014-02-06 23:06:08
Love you too, Wudi! Your deliberate crudeness makes me reminesce about the old times (as does the fact that this site is still kicking around).

I sometimes miss Px (the old, funny, drunken Px), Dumdeedum, and even Ergo... shit, it's been almost a decade since I signed up here, and it's cool to know that as much as this place has changed, some things never will.

Merry bumfucks to your 82nd asshole, old chum!

"Apple hates everyone now." - BJB
#121 by Wudi
2014-02-06 23:51:03
I'm a lovable troll. Come here you big,tough lug you!



w0rd up!
#122 by Matt Perkins
2014-02-07 20:16:15
Bah, you're overly cantankerous act is old. OLD. I shan't update you with when you take that attitude. :)

also, anaqer, planetcrap  is dead and has been for awhile. It's somewhat alive in irc and facebook, but like the old days at all...

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#123 by Chunkstyle
2014-02-12 04:52:45
I still like big butts.

Game Developers: Don't forget the zombie monkeys.
#124 by Gunp01nt
2014-02-15 18:56:15
So did Warren ever sue West and Zampella over use of the name Respawn Games?

She's probably had sex with like 4 different guys by now and has no idea who he is anymore, his face lost in a memory sea of dicks.
#125 by Squeaky
2014-02-16 02:51:49
They're Respawn Entertainment. Totally different.
#126 by Charlie Wiederhold
2014-02-17 06:13:06
/kicks the can a little further down the road
#127 by Charlie Wiederhold
2014-02-18 21:07:48
Contemplating old days, Matt... having had the... erm... "pleasure" to re-read a lot of my old activity here in such perfectly recorded detail after so long being removed from it... was fascinating. Dot dot dot...

I had my heart in the right place... but I had a lot of maturing to do and wisdom to acquire. Especially regarding ladies and relationships. Anything I wrote prior to late 2001 was written as a highly naive virgin. No surprise to some who were watching me at the time I'm sure. ;)

Anyways... wish I could change my avatar but no luck so far.

/salute to everyone and merry christmasuary
#128 by Squeaky
2014-03-03 04:42:02
I just got back from JoCo Cruise Crazy 4, the fourth annual Jonathan Coulton & Friends cruise around the Caribbean. It was tons of fun, and I highly recommend anyone and everyone to check out next years cruise. Lots of great performances by John Hodgman, John Roderick, Grant Imahara, Wil Wheaton, the Doubleclicks, Molly Lewis, David Rees, and of course Jonathan Coulton & a bunch more that I'm forgetting. The whole thing was basically a big nerd con out in the sun. Nothing like a 24 hour board gaming room to go along with your 24 hour free pizza.

I ate way too much awesome food and drank more booze in a single week than I did all last year. General booking for next years cruise opens in April, and I highly recommend everyone here check it out. I've already put a deposit on a room for next year.
#129 by jh0
2014-03-09 04:24:29
My favorite was the Pomplamoose concert.

Did you get into Molly's beard video?

Don't speak unless you can improve the silence.
#130 by Squeaky
2014-03-09 15:37:59
I don't have a beard, so...

My buddy was in it, though.
#131 by CheesyPoof
2014-03-10 15:17:57
CrapCon opportunity missed! A travesty.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#132 by G-Man
2014-03-11 23:41:39
I learned about that event last year and then also learned that there are a lot of similar niche interest based cruising events as well. Enthusiasts of pretty much any topic from swinging to NFL to Broadway to lolcats has a niche cruise / theme cruise marketed to them. I think the trend started with swingers/nudists and Disney, but has since really come into its own with the support of a lot of small or freelance travel agencies. It is a testament to the cruise operators that they have structured their relationship with travel agencies to allow such markets to develop as much as they have.
#133 by gaggle
2014-03-12 00:50:52

"Roses are red, violets are blue, rubbish is dumped and so are you." : : - FML
#134 by TreeFrog
2014-03-12 17:08:23
#133 by gaggle

On a jetski.

"One part disembowels me while another slowly eats its way through the gas line. As I bleed out on the floor, it reminds me that I need to buy milk." - Jibble
#135 by Squeaky
2014-03-13 02:15:05
CrapCruiseCon @ JoCoCruiseCrazy 2015!
#136 by Squeaky
2014-04-16 06:56:15
Don't know why I still have this site bookmarked.
#137 by CheesyPoof
2014-04-16 16:05:18
I still check it once a day.

I remember the good times.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#138 by lwf
2014-04-16 17:32:30
Don't want to miss any good posts.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#139 by CheesyPoof
2014-04-16 17:43:44

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#140 by Squeaky
2014-04-17 04:17:10

I check it once a day as well. Sighing, wistfully.
#141 by yotsuya
2014-04-17 05:47:08
'Sup, bros?

#142 by lwf
2014-04-17 06:09:32
Your blog is badly in need of updating Yots.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#143 by CheesyPoof
2014-04-17 16:55:52
D'Backs is suck!

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#144 by Jibble
2014-04-17 22:40:52
Every once in a while I remember to swing by here, and every time you idiots disappoint me by scrawling another message into this decaying corpse.

I mean, "Hi!"

I want to go to there.

#145 by Shadarr
2014-04-18 00:47:05

"I hope you one day decide to smarten the fuck up so I can stand to look at your posts." - gaggle
#146 by Chunkstyle
2014-04-18 05:30:42
Watched Denis Leary's new show "Sirens" tonight and highly recommend it.  Drank half a bottle of shiraz first, so ymmv.

Game Developers: Don't forget the zombie monkeys.
#147 by lwf
2014-04-18 06:01:23
It's easy on my scrollwheel.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#148 by Squeaky
2014-04-18 07:23:16
You guys are awesome.
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